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Approved By the Food And Drug Administration And Three International Certifications

Why is rice Fereydunkenar?

One of the best rice is rice Tarom local Fereydunkenar Mazandaran province. This rice has a very pleasant and pleasant flavor. It is also very comfortable to cook, and after baking it remains soft for hours. Considering the different varieties of rice and the relative similarity of some of them with local rice, local rice is proudly guaranteed and the 100% purity of this rice is ensured under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration and the preparation of the best Fereydunknar fields.

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Our Products

Sarzamin Second Cultivation Rice

Transplant in mid-August and harvest in mid-autumn


Sarzamin Local Tarom Rice

Seedling in spring and harvest in mid-August


Sarzamin Babkhane Rice

After sorting and Bowjari 100% rice of LOCAL TAROM RICE and SECOND CULTIVATION RICE

Sarzamin's products, Negin Iran land
Banquet with the taste and color of the Sarzamin